Baltimore County

Baltimore County

Guinness On the Way to Maryland

Baltimore locals have known for years that the regional breweries are worth their weight in gold. Now, it seems others have begun to notice. Beer powerhouse Guinness has plans to open a distillery in Maryland- Baltimore County to be specific. Not only would this be a big name for the Baltimore metro, it would be the first Guinness Brewery in the United States in 60 years. Plans set the opening of the brewery for as early as the end of 2017.


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Baltimore Metro Top Choice for Topgolf

Ever wish the driving range was a little more accessible to the Baltimore metro? Well, Topgolf- a unique recreation experience based on golfing, is scouting locations for what would be their first location in Maryland. The facility will boast the tech heavy driving range designed to offer data on distance and shot accuracy of each swing, as well as restaurants and bars.

Photo from Topgolf
Photo from Topgolf

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Baltimore County’s Milton Inn to Undergo Renovations

Milton Inn, the renowned fine dining establishment in Baltimore County, will see a $400k renovation this summer just in time for it’s 70th anniversary in 2017. The changes will include interior cosmetic details like paint and draperies, as well as an extensive patio renovation to add a new retaining wall and a retractable-roof pergola. The face-lift is an effort to attract younger diners to the old town staple.




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Hart-Miller Island: State Park Expansion

The popular boating destination on the Chesapeake Bay has recently gained a few more perks. Previously, the state park sported ‘No Trespassing’ signs on much of the green space beyond the beaches. Now, those signs are removed, and there are more than 300 acres of land open to the public from Thursday to Sunday throughout the summer. There are campsites, lush greenery, beaches, and more than 5 miles of hiking trails on the island.


hart miller


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Hope Builds for Windmills to Bring Energy Back to Baltimore County Job Prospects

Driven over the Key Bridge any time in the past 10 years? Well, the sight of closed down industry has been an unfortunate blight on the area that may be coming to an end. The Sparrows Point area is being pursued as a wind farm location by the company US Wind. Grants are being sought from the Federal Government to aid in the development of the project, which would bring jobs back to the area, as well as a green energy source.


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Sparrows Point Country Club: Big Plans, Big Additions

The East Baltimore metro will be gaining a few more residents to go along with some budding amenities. Sparrows Point Country Club, just 20 minutes outside of downtown, is a private club boasting a marina, pool, golf course, event venue, and picnic grounds. News just hit the airwaves that the club will be building 200 homes whose sales will help fund the development of even more perks- including a snack bar, club house, and fitness center for members.



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Hidden Gems in Charm City

Disenfranchised with the usual suspects in the neighborhoods of Baltimore City? Looking for a little variety or perhaps a little adventure? Well, Baltimore Magazine outlined a few lesser-traveled neighborhoods both within the city or within a stones throw of the border. Take a look and be charmed by some neighborhoods a little off the beaten path.


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Home Sales Steadily Increasing

Thinking about buying a home? Well, home sales rose by a whopping 21% in Maryland this month- 2,248 up from 1,861. It seems the recession is on its way out the door, as this marks the 15th straight month of double digit increases for the market.


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Towson Trader Joe’s Gets a New Home

As a staple in the Baltimore metro, the northernmost Maryland location for Trader Joe’s will soon move to a more accessible location- which is awesome, because who hasn’t gotten turned around or frustrated by that pidgeon-holed parking lot near Towson Circle? The only thing that would make this news sweeter is the addition of a Trader Joe’s within the city limits. We can hope, right?  The current move will take place in the spring of 2017 into the second floor of the Shops at Kenilworth.


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