Vegan Restaurant Week Comes to Baltimore

While the yearly tradition of restaurant week is nothing new to Baltimore’s residents and local restaurants, the idea of having a vegan/vegetarian restaurant week is. With vegetarian and plant based diets becoming increasingly popular, many local restaurants will be creatively designing specific dishes to provide vegans and vegetarians with plenty of options.

Baltimore Vegan Restaurant Week will be taking place August 18-August 26. To read more on how Vegan Restaurant Week got started, click here.

High Society in Butcher’s Hill

If you need more of a reason to explore your potential future neighborhood haunts, let yourself be lured in by the new Butchers Hill Society, located at North Chester and East Fairmount in Butcher’s Hill, just North East of Patterson Park. The restaurateur, Chef Malcolm Mitchell, is a former Columbia, MD resident. He brings his schooling back to Baltimore with not only the new Butcher’s Hill Society, but also Ryder’s, a gastropub in Upper Fells Point, and The Kitchen Market, a specialty food shop.

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New restaurant


Read more about the new restaurant here, on the Baltimore Sun.

Exit Kali’s Court, Enter Fells Point Tavern

Fells Point is a neighborhood of history. Age of buildings, familiar names, familiar facades; all of these things mean that people notice when change happens. After 15 years on Thames Street, Kali’s Court will be revamping its style into a more casual concept- even sporting a new name: Fells Point Tavern. The brainchild of Kali’s Restaurant Group owner, the restaurant is embracing changing times in Fells Point. The establishment will feature live music, lounge spaces, a better utilization of the courtyard, and an industrial feel.




Check out more on Baltimore Magazine here.