trash wheel

The New Arrival: Professor Trash Wheel

Did you hear? As of last night, the new Water Wheel partially facilitated by Healthy Harbor and the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore has been fully funded! The fund raising bash put on last night produced the remaining few dollars necessary to meet the goal. The new water wheel, to be placed at the outlet of Harris Creek in Canton, will take the identity of a female named Professor Trash Wheel.



Read more here on the Baltimore Business Journal.

Canton Water Wheel 80% Funded, Future Donations to be Doubled

Have you heard the good news? The Port of Baltimore made a whopping $200,000 donation to the Canton Water Wheel! This means that the wheel is nearly 80% funded. If you make a donation now, it will be matched! (Donations must be sub $30,000 for matching to apply). The existing trash wheel is the world’s first and only sustainably powered trash collecting water wheel.



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