Fells Point

Bike Share Program Offers Opportunity for Homeless Veterans

The Baltimore Bike Share program, new as of last month, is further cementing itself into Baltimore’s good graces. The program is run by veteran-owned Corps Logistics and now employs several veterans full-time to service the different bike stations throughout the city. The program itself is a pay-by-the-hour bike rental program that sports both electric and standard bicycles for use around the Baltimore city proper.


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Historic Fells Point Houses: The Effort to Preserve Them

Fells Point has long been known to be steeped with Baltimore and Maritime history. Now, some of the oldest surviving examples of that history are close to deteriorating completely. The historic houses, located on Wolfe Street, are not the oldest houses in the city- but they are close. “These are the last of five wooden houses that once lined the west side of Wolfe Street on that block. They date from 1797, the same year that Baltimore was officially incorporated as a municipality. They were completed at the same time that the USS Constellation, now the sculptural centerpiece of the Inner Harbor, was being built nearby.” (Gunts). The Historic Preservation Society is exploring ways to keep them standing as a unique part of our cities history.


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Exit Kali’s Court, Enter Fells Point Tavern

Fells Point is a neighborhood of history. Age of buildings, familiar names, familiar facades; all of these things mean that people notice when change happens. After 15 years on Thames Street, Kali’s Court will be revamping its style into a more casual concept- even sporting a new name: Fells Point Tavern. The brainchild of Kali’s Restaurant Group owner, the restaurant is embracing changing times in Fells Point. The establishment will feature live music, lounge spaces, a better utilization of the courtyard, and an industrial feel.




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